Saturday, July 13, 2019

From leading a platoon, to an army

I was not ready for this, yet, I still said yes.

Lately, I have been entrusted by management a task that is very crucial in the company's betterment and survival. It's something I didn't ask for, though, it's something everyone else has wanted. It was said that my leadership style and approach is what people in the company can capitalize on. And it's time to have a broader audience for it, management highlighted.

Thinking about the role and scope, I can't help but ask myself -- "what will you do now?". Seeking answers for the past weeks is not so productive, I got lost. Maybe because weeks is a little bit short when we talk about the time in realizing the uncertainties and the unknowns on my current position. Maybe the next folds will manifest in the next quarter or even in the next year, who knows.

As a reminder to myself, I created this methodology that I could always go to every time I get lost. I call this The Lost Framework.

When you're in the state of leading yourself, it is expected that you'll get lost along the way more frequently. And it's normal! trust me, it is. The framework I am adapting for myself is mainly focused on communication -- it requires one to talk. Problems and issues get solved most of the time when it's discussed and talked about. The key is for you to know who to talk to and what questions you should ask.

In leading a large body of individuals that are striving for excellence and pride, I am counting on what Sun Tzu said in his book, The Art of War. A section of that book gives the reader an idea as to what mindset is all about, though, one should comprehend where to strike the balance.

Traits of a losing General:
  • Recklessness, which leads to destruction
  • Cowardness, which leads to capture 
  • Hasty temper, which could be provoked by insults
  • A  delicacy of honor, which is sensitive to shame
  • Over solicited solitude for his men, which exposes him to worry and trouble

The hard thing about being a leader is the fact that your judgment is always tested, every now and then. One should have a  mental model and thought process in order to come-up of his perspective of both the problem and the solution. This is a real struggle for most, especially those who are new to the position. I always consider what Peter Drucker said about management, "Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things". It helped me weigh things out and decide which path to go for any given situation.

As your people look up to you, keep in mind that in a world where you can be anything, be humble.