Saturday, April 20, 2019

AWS Summit 2019 - The Singapore Experience

What a privilege it is to be a speaker for the AWS Summit Singapore 2019. It was an honor to speak in a large crowd, what an experience!

2:45pm | Rebuilding Onerent Platform, AWS All the Way!

It's my first time to visit Singapore and like any other stories about the great country, it stood to its promise. Clean! Safe! Innovative!

There's no doubt that businesses are eyeing to put-up a headquarters in Singapore. It's a state of the art tech-hub. The government is properly serving the people. The people living in the country is disciplined. Additionally, the tax rate is low! What else could you ask?

While touring for 4 days, I get a chance to step foot to AWS Singapore Headquarter. A once in a lifetime opportunity any AWS Enthusiast could hope for.

AWS APAC Leaders (Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines)

During some nights, I get the chance to see and witness the light and fountain show on the other side of the Marina Bay Sands. It was so magnificent, especially when you see the vibrant colors in-person!

Marina Bay Sands, Light Show

To wrap it all up! I've added another ID on my list. More to come, I hope! I wonder what's next?

  • 2017 - AWS Community Day, South Korea (Gangnam-gu District)
  • 2018 - AWS Community Day, Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • 2019 - AWS Summit Singapore, Singapore (Expo)