Friday, November 30, 2018

Personality Check

What makes an organization great is the "culture" that everyone embraced and I cannot give more emphasis to it -- as to what I've written on my earlier post.

The hardest part of working is not about the technicalities, nor about the management, nor about the daily routine but about dealing with people. People with different backgrounds, different outlook, different perspective, and vision. For a company that value people's inputs and thoughts, it's hard to get to a point where you want everyone to be empowered and have the courage to say what they have in mind and at the same time, be reprimanded when they offend someone regarding what they were saying.

The idea of transparency and openness is not new especially to organizations founded in the modern web days. While it's hard to keep an environment where everyone can openly discuss and challenge one's idea -- I still believe that it is somewhat necessary for an organization to have some sort of maturity; where people can take on a higher level of communication; where "respect" is the common denominator to everyone who'll be a part of the conversation. Respect in the sense of:

  • Do not play as the victim, we all have a unique DNA which defines us of who we are.
  • Do not act as if your being attacked, we all have the rights to say what we need to say and we all have the rights to respond if ever we need to.
  • Do not incorporate emotion, delivery is important and sometimes, people mistakenly take that negative emotion alongside with what they are doing. If you're reading something and emotion takes over your composure -- it will sound like as if the person who wrote those lines have a special message to point out. But in reality, it was plainly said. Assumptions, especially wrong ones give a bitter meaning of words in a sentence, thus, making other people's thoughts wrong from your standpoint.

When do you compromise and when do you take no for bullshits?
Respect is easier said than done. When one comes to you and tell you about your ways of doing things is wrong -- I believe, it's your right to ask them back if it was really your doing that's wrong or how they see it that makes it wrong. Often, perspective plays a great role when interpreting an idea or thought and most of the time, people don't see things the way you see it and live with the same mindset as you, in which you and your actions get misunderstood.

Realization takes time, especially the one we call "self-realization". When that particular happening occurs, you'll be in limbo and either (1) you live by other people's words and adjust your ways of living and become the "not-so" you -- and live with guilt day by day or (2) you continue acting being you and let people see that they're the one who misunderstands you and your intentions. While the choice is too narrow as you only have to choose between two options, your selection time will really be tough. If you ever bump into situations like this, always go for the second option.

When Elon Musk was misunderstood by Mark Zukerberg, arguments took place and things now falls on how you explain your side of the story. This is what we call a healthy discussion.
Lesson: you should be prepared to be misunderstood and be prepared to explain what people needs to know.

I bump into this diagram as I search for wisdom. I hope you find it useful and meaningful as I do.

Don't be afraid to speak up, just speak up
Einstein said, "Don't be a man of success, be a man of value". This line is really powerful for me and it has served as a guiding star as I go along in life. As for a man who haven't had a formal education, settling down with the little knowledge is a dangerous move... thus, learning has been a key aspect for me to pursue what I want to achieve and do. While you move up and try to excel from the rest, it's important to be guided as to what limitations should you view as your pillars in order to balance between having your head up high and keeping your feet on the ground.

Personally, I like what the 7 deadly sins portray. If you study how it was collated and embraced, you'll see the evolution of the idea and how wise men helped shaping it. I love the narrative, from how the idea was introduced to how it was arranged to how it was accepted. Imagine if no one spoke about this idea -- the wisdom it gives won't exist and mankind will miss these valuable knowledge.

The more you know, the more you sympathize
It's hard to know more about yourself and others, this is the reason why most of individuals resort to neuroscience as that's the only way bias is eliminated. It's most of the time correct -- and from knowing it, you'll now have the idea of why people act, speak, think the way they do. A better understanding of how their mind is wired and how their thought process works.

I hope this test will help you as it did to me. It's called MBTI Test.