Tuesday, September 18, 2018

AWS Community Day 2018 (APAC) - The Vietnam Experience

It's another time of the year for AWS APAC Leaders to gather around and spend great times with one another, sharing knowledge and experience, keeping up with every user-groups vision and mission, celebrating success and archived milestones -- many more!

 For 2018's AWS Community Day, AWS User Group - Vietnam hosted the event.

We're privilege to have a great tour in Vietnam for a day. We went to great places, enjoyed good food and experience boat riding across the Vietnam river (plus dress-up like a Vietnamese Army).

AWS APAC Leaders taking a boat ride across Vietnam river

As for my personal milestone, my topic once again qualified to the track and I feel great being one of the guest speakers for the gathering. Everyone who took part of the AWS Community Day tracks have talk a lot of amazing things you can work-on within the AWS Cloud -- indeed, a great set of tracks prepared by all guest speakers.

Vietnam 2018, South Korea 2017

Standing up in front of a crowd is not easy! I'm thankful that I've delivered the message to everyone -- loud and clear! Being able to coin a new term for BC/AD (which in the modern days "Before Cloud" and "AWS Deployments").

BC/AD = Before Cloud / AWS Deployments

After a successful day, we gathered around and the night's food kept us all well while bonding. Too much goodness on every serving! Especially, dishes with seafoods.

Dinner at the long table

I hope to see everyone in the next AWS Community Day! 2019 is waiting..
Vietnam says, xin chào!

Our picture with Dr. Werner Vogel, CTO of Amazon.