Tuesday, August 14, 2018

An Actual Team Building Event

Long planned, yet, it was only last week that we happened to have our team building.

The so called "competitive" pose

Just 4months ago, we managed to hit a milestone of being able to completely rebuild Onerent's platform within 6months time. Though it was a mission accomplished, we haven't had time to celebrate (big time about the achievement) as lately, everyone in engineering and growth team had been busting our ass off to address the key asks from our operations team and implement all the deliverables.

Our way of team building
Since this would be our first official team building, we don't want to waste the chance to make it a remarkable and memorable one -- especially that the venue is very conducive for almost every team building activity you can think of.

During the day, we stick to our program. More than just the regular team building games, we have very challenging activities in place -- which requires team effort to be completed.

During the night, we spare some time to gather around before heading to bed. More than just the beer times, we had the chance to know more about one another. Something personal, something valuable, something precious we will keep for a lifetime.

Getting a piece of everyone's life
If there was a thing I am proud most about our team building, it was be the fact that it brought us closer to each other. A better understanding of one another. A refreshed connection to the link that binds us together.

Our stories will always have a mark within one's self. Our shared experiences will always have a room in one's life. Our common values will always keep us genuine to our relationship.

Having the privilege
As it was all a success, being the one to facilitate the activities and program -- I couldn't be more thankful. Being able to deliver what needs to be done, bring joy to me (inside out). I thank the team for allowing me to impart something that I once experienced. I thank the team for believing in me and what I could come-up. I thank Onerent for investing in their people.

Here's a summary of our 3 days 2 night stay at Hof Gorie, Samal Island.