Saturday, September 23, 2017

AWS Community Day 2017 (APAC) - The South Korea Experience

I was given the privilege to be part of the AWS Community Day (APAC) - 2017, which was held in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.

Together with other leaders from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, India and South Korea, we gathered and shared our experiences, best practices, discoveries and failures out of using Amazon Web Services.

I got lots of learning within the six hour event! And not only gain knowledge but also a new circle of friends.

Just like every other conference, people looks forward for the swags and loots. Me? I managed to get stickers and bagged it to my unit.. this serves as the mark of my presence. The "I was there!" statement.

Ofcourse, the after-math is important just like the event. A bancquet is prepared for us to share the good times and laughter. Beer fuels our guts and then, everyone starts talking..

It's a memory I will always treasure. Not just because it's my first international travel but also, the fact that I was given the chance to speak to an event like this. I mean, hey! it's AWS!