Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Month Of Experience

Celebrating the first month of work is all worth comparing. This is the time to reflect and understand if the leap you chose has given you better accomplishments and opportunities compared with your previous company.

How's it doing for me so far?

On my first month, I established respect and efficiency at work. My colleagues knew that I do things as best as I can as long as I am knowledgeable of the task at hand. If the task requires more information of what I already know, I make sure to do a thorough research in order to come up with a better solution. Thus, this makes them trust me on stuff within my forte and trust themselves on the areas they are  good at. Of course, people want inputs and feedback and by the time they ask some from me -- I see to it that all my sources are valid before even thinking to speak. You don't want a good idea  to be taked badly just because of a mere hunch, right?

The culture we build in the office is based on the "first principle thinking", where we let everyone take part of the design process and speak up their mind. We want a high autonomousity with low risk in problem solving. Nevertheless, we want to solve a real problem than a hypothetical one. So it's vital for our design thinking process to have the following: (1) Raise the problem (2) Verify it really is a problem, either by doing research or re-produce the issue (3) Formulate the design pattern we want to use in approaching the issue, this include naming possible solution/s for the use case (4) Build Prototype (5) Test the output (6) If working, implement it. If not, re-work and enhance. Along side with the design process, we always have "postmortems" and "follow-up" meetings, this is to ensure that everyone is sync and on-track with the common goal.

Everyone in the engineering team, seems to have a common thing binding us -- and that's aiming for excellence. It's given that people in the team are tenured and utmost in the senior level. Which means, supervision is highly observed within ourselves and not by someone else. I believe in the saying "You manage machines, you lead people" and that's what is present in our team at the moment.

Leaders in the organization works hard and sets the example to everyone of us. When you're in the office, you'll feel the hustle. And if you're born with high competency, you don't want to be the one dragging down the team's performance and so -- you work your ass off.

In the fields of technicalities, I am very impressed on how we take every opportunity in testing different technologies (knowing it'll solve our problems), might it be paid or opensource. No one restricts you from doing things, the way you think is best. One caution though, you fix what you break and never break production. "Seniority comes with great responsibility" as we call it. The company even encourage employees to upgrade their skill sets by providing learning material either online courses or hard copied books. Now tell me, who doesn't want it?

Throughout the month experience I have in Onerent, I just wish I could get more people to join our elite unit and let them experience greatness in working with like-minded individuals with high standards of their work. Personally, the company has been so supportive on my advocacy in sharing my learning and experiences to the world. Thus, they are backing me up, as I speak in front of great minds this coming AWS Community Day - APAC (2017). Nothing is more fulfilling than meeting your ideal company.

If you know someone capable of impressing us, refer them and email neil[@]onerent[.]co
We guarantee he/she will love the work we have!

What interesting work do we have?
  • Transitioning to microservices and chatops approach
  • Application integration
  • API distribution (mobile version)
  • Restructuring infrastructure (operations)
  • Platform enhancement / upgraded scope of support