Sunday, August 13, 2017

Reboot & Reformat

What happened to the old contents of the blog? 
I have been blogging my experiences and learning so everyone could benefit from it. Some are technical, some are not.. Some talks about life's success, some are about challenges.. Some are short reads, some are stories like.. 

Nevertheless, I blog what I want to share to the world. As for the old contents, to cut the long story short -- it was deleted.

Why was it deleted?
A long time ago, I worked for a server hosting company and I was priveledge to get a slot to host my blog since I was the one manning the network. Luckily when I ended my service with them, I was able to keep that slot, of course with the big boss' permisson, in order for me to continue my passion for blogging. The approval was a great opportunity for me to continue sharing knowledge and practices without a cost.

Fast forward, almost 5 years of being online and serving rich technical/life/experience contents to the world, it went down last August 11, 2017. As for the reason, I don't know. 

I performed basic troubleshooting: 
  1. Ping 
  2. Ping the IP Address 
  3. Check WHOIS (just to confirm if there is something wrong with the domain) 
Upon isolating the issue, I can see that it's not within my hold and I have no means to further check what's happening with the server. I asked a favor to friend who still works for the company and he confirmed that the server no longer exist. And that's the reason why the site is down. I ask if I could have a backup of the site so I could restore it. After awhile, he confirmed that the host the server is in, doesn't have a backup of it. 

I am under the impression that, since it's a legacy setup, it wasn't included on the up-to-date process, thus, backup was not running for it.

What awaits
I feel bad about what happened. Throughout my career, this is the longest down-time I was about to bare. Also, this is the only time, I fully lost something in production level and without any option of recovering it.

I take full responsibility of what happened. I was too confident about the setup I once had back 2013, and I am now paying the price of being over-confident. This event gave me great lessons I could keep for my journey. I never imagined that the worst case I am preparing for will actually strike me, at my own grounds, at my own stuff and at my own site. I lost too much already -- and I can't afford to lose more. This should not happen again! 

If you noticed, this new site is now branded "Cebuserver v2". I would like to name it this way for this is the re-birth of the original site. New up-to-date contents will be posted in here, by yours truly. 

New beginning... New chapter... New articles to publish...
Also, I follow "Stoicism". So I don't cry over spilled milk, instead I react to a solution without pointing fingers.